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Meeting of the VECAS Executive Committee, Member Annual Conference 2018

On the afternoon of March 29, 2018, At the Villas of the National Convention Center, the Vietnam Engineering Consultant Asscociation  (VECAS), held the 4th session of the Executive Committee for Term V (2015-2020) of the Vietnam Engineering Consultant Asscociation . The activities of VECAS have been carried out in 2017 and approved the VECAS’s activities in 2018.

The President of the Vecas Nguyen Thi Duyen chaired the meeting with the participation of the Vice president: Mr. Hoang Ung Huyen, Mr. Nguyen Du Tien, Mr. Pham Huu Son, Ms. Pham Thi Bich, Mr. Tu Duc Hoa, Mr. Cao Minh Khang, members of Executive Committee.

On behalf of the Association’s leaders, Mr. Hoang Ung Huyen, Vice President and General Secretary, reports on the work done by the Association in 2017 and the Association’s operation plan in 2018, Recommendations for the Executive Committee. On behalf of the Association Inspection Board, Mr. Bui Duy Nghia, Head of the Board reported the results of the inspection on activities and revenue and expenditure of the Association in 2017.


Executive members listened to the report on the Association’s activities in 2017, the 2017 Association’s Income Statement, the Board’s Report on the Association’s Activities and Revenues in 2017, the report Regarding the emulation and commendation for collectives and individuals who have recorded achievements in 2017, to decide on commending and rewarding members with more than 10 years’ participation and contributing to building the Association. The meeting agreed to strengthen the Executive Committee, elected additional Standing Committee on the proposal of the Standing Committee of the Association.
After discussion, the Executive Board agreed to adopt the 2017 Work Plan and 2018 Work Plan; The report of the 2017 revenue and expenditure plan and the plan of revenue and expenditure of the Association in 2018, agreed to elect additional 3 Standing Committee members: Mr. Tran Quoc Hoi, Chairman of the Board, Director of Son La Construction Consultancy Joint Stock Company, Mr. Tran Anh Tuan – Director of Gia Lai Transport Engineering Construction Consulting Joint-Stock Company and Mr. Bui Van Moc, Chairman of Transport engineering design Joint stock incorporated south (TEDI SOUTH) The Unify the Association’s membership criteria as the basis for the Standing Committee to consider the admission of new members (organizations and enterprises related to the construction industry).


At the end of the meeting, President Nguyen Thi Duyen summarized the contents discussed at the meeting, adopted the resolution of the Executive Board meeting V-term session 4.

Some images of the conference:

Member Annual Conference 2018:

After the Executive Board Conference, Vietnam Engineering Consultant Asscociation  held the 2018 Members’ Conference with the president of Vecas Nguyen Thi Duyen. Attending the meeting were the members of the Executive Committee of the Association, representatives of member units of the Association throughout the country and the guests. Attending the conference were: Mr. Nguyen Tan Van – President of Vietnam Association of Architects, former Vice Minister of Construction, former President of Vietnam Association of Construction Consultants, courses I, II; Mr. Nguyen Van Khoi – Vice Chairman of Vietnam Real Estate Association, former Vice Chairman of People’s Committee of Hanoi; Mr. Tran Hong Mai – President of Vietnam Construction Economics Association.

At the meeting, Mr. Hoang Ung Huyen, Vice President and General Secretary of the Association reported on the work done by the Association in 2017 and the plan of operation of the Association in 2018, The content of comments was unanimously passed at the Executive Committee meeting. The discussion was chaired by President Nguyen Thi Duyen. Member Conference unanimously reported on the activities of the Association in 2017 and the work plan of 2018.

At the conference, the Association awarded certificates of merit to the members and individuals of the member units who have made achievements in 2017 and the members have more than 10 years to participate and contribute to. the activities of the Association according to the Resolution of the Standing Committee of the Association; presented the honor board to 8 individuals as leaders, former leaders of the Association and leaders of member units who have contributed, built and developed the Association: Mr. Nguyen Van Chau – Vice President, Secretary of the Association III & IV; Mr. Nguyen Lap Son – Chairman of the Board, General Director of HADECON, Vice president of the Association IV & V; Mr. Nguyen Du Tien – Vice president of the V term; Mr. Nguyen Kien Cuong – Vice President of the Association II, III & IV; Mr. Nguyen Doan Thang – Vice Chairman of Board of Directors, RANG DONG Light source & Vacuum flask joint stock company; Member of Executive Board of IV & V Association; Mr. Truong Huu Hung – Former Chairman, former General Director of USCO , Member of Executive Committee Term III & IV; Mr. Bui Duy Nghia – Chairman of Board of Directors, General Director of DETOURPRO, Member of Standing Committee, Chairman of V Audit Committee; Mr. Bui Van Bang – Chairman of BOD, Director of Planning Surveying, Surveying, Designing and Construction of Thai Binh, member of the VFA.

Also in this Conference, the Association presented the Membership Certificate to the newly accredited members.

Finally, there is a festival program, cultural exchange with the participation of musicians, singers in and out of the Association.

Members Association meeting took place in the atmosphere of fun, close, friendly members of the Association members, guests.

Some images of the conference: