On the afternoon of December 13, 2018, the City Intellectial Palace, the Vietnam Engineering Consultion Association in collaboration with Science – Technology and Environment Department held a seminar to comments on orientation for construction “Practical and directional the application of foreign standards, international standards, regional standards in Vietnam”. This is one of the topics that the technical consultants and management agencies are particularly interested in, which is an important content in the project to improve the system of standards and technical regulations in construction Decision No. 198 / QD-TTg of February 9, 2018 of the Prime Minister.

Participating in the seminar were the Association’s leaders, members of the Standing Committee of the Association, leaders and specialists of some member units of the Association; Representatives of Science – Technology and Environment Department and Construction Activities Management Agency. Mr. Vu Ngoc Anh, Director of Science – Technology and Environment Department together with Chairman of the Association gave the opening speech and chaired the workshop.

Presentations by members of the Association at the workshop (TEDI, SCQC, IBST, PECC1) were prepared and presented in detail, highlighting the overall picture The application of foreign standards and international standards in civil, transportation and energy projects. The presentations also proposed some solutions with the research management agencies to develop standards to apply uniform and feasible foreign standards suitable to the conditions of Vietnam. The speeches and opinions at the seminar will be summed up by the Association and reported to the Ministry of Construction for consideration and use in the implementation of the scheme on improvement of the system of standards and technical regulations on construction, already approved by the Prime Minister. Government approval.

Some Photo:

  • Tiến sỹ Nguyễn Đại Minh – Viện trưởng Viện Khoa học Công nghệ Xây dựng trình bày tham luận :

  • Ông Hoàng Đôn Dũng – Chủ tịch Hội đồng Quản trị Công ty SCQC trình bày tham luận:

  • Ông Nguyễn Hữu Chỉnh – Phó tổng giám đốc Công ty CP Tư vấn Xây dựng Điện 1 ( PECC1) trình bày tham luận

  • Ông Vũ Tuấn Anh – Tổng công ty Tư vấn Thiết kế Giao thông Vận tải trình bày tham luận :

  • Tiến sỹ Từ Đức Hòa – Phó Chủ tịch Hiệp hội Tư vấn Xây dựng Việt Nam trình bày tham luận: