Vietnam Engineering Consultant Association (VECAS)

With extremely fast growing  development of the  country ncluding construction sector, VECAS had been established  in  December 13, 1995 according to Decision number 1098/QD-TCLD from Minister  of Construction with the acceptation from Prime Minister of Vietnam.

In order to have opportunities for co-operation and approach to International  professional rules, VECAS has participated and become an official member of International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) since1997; an Official Member of The Technical Consultancy Development for Asia and Pacific (TCDAP) since 1998; an Official Member of Association of Asia and Pacific (ASPAC) since 2001; and an Official Member of Federation of ASEAN Consulting Engineer (FACE) since 2007.

Guiding principles and purposes

The Vietnam Engineering Consultant Association is a Social-Professional Organization for assembling the Individuals and Organizations practicing in Construction Consultant field of in Vietnam according to legal frameworks of the Vietnamese Laws, it was seft-established with the purpose to concentrate, mobilize all Members and protect their legal rights and interests and cooperate each other in professional practice with high results for eco-social development of the country.

The activities of Vietnam Engineering Consultant Association are complying with the Regulations approved by Ministry of Home Affairs of the socialist and republic of Vietnam as follows:

Activities of Vietnam Engineering Consultant Association:

  • Protecting the legal rights and interests of members according to Guiding principles and purposes of the VECAS and the legal Regulations;
  • Concentrating, uniting member: setting, combining the activities among members for the rights of VECAS: implementing Guiding principles and purposes of VECAS in order to develop the sectors relating to VECAS’s activities and contribute the support and development of the Country.
  • Popularizing, educating and training members, setting up the professional services according to legal frameworks, providing Professional Activities Certificates as qualified according to regulations of the Laws.
  • On behalf of the Members, VECAS recommend to the Authority Bodies about  policies and regulations relating to VECAS’s activities complying under  the laws.
  • Establishing and publishing the regulations of ethics of the VECAS.
  • Participating into respective International Organizations and signing, implementing international agreements according to Vietnamese Legal Frameworks.


Official members of VECAS are including all organizations and individuals of Vietnam, who may provide  engineering services complying with the legal framework. Most of VECAS’s members  are consulting enterprises, who have  experiences and capacities, under Ministries, Sectors and People’s Committee  in all economic field such as civil, industry, transportation, irrigation, aviation, engineering, cultural, tourist, communication, water supply, technical infrastructure… All VECAS’s members  always have  been assigned by Government, Ministries, Investors  to carry-out many key and important projects of country. Many members of VECAS have been  awarded by State and Government.

The Associate Members of VECAS are including the International Consultant Companies which are working in Vietnam complying under the Vietnamese Laws; and some others, who have demand to joint  VECAS complying with the Regulation of VECAS.

Commend and reward:

With all achievements, VECAS has received many high noble rewards:

– Labor Medal Order at Second level had provided by President of Vietnam, in 2015.

– Labor Medal Order at Third level had provided by President of Vietnam, in 2005.

– Merit from Ministry of Construction, in 2011, 2015.

– Merit from Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in 2004 and 2005.