On the afternoon of August 2, 2022, President Nguyen Thi Duyen attended the meeting of Appraisal Council on Law on Bidding Project (amended) organized by the Ministry of Justice, chaired by the Deputy Minister Phan Chi Hieu, Chairman of the appraisal Council

At the meeting, Representative of the Vietnam Engineering Consultant Association, President Nguyen Thi Duyen said that the Draft has basically met the goals and views of the amending the Law on Bidding identified in the appraisal of documents. However, in the draft, there are still contents that need to be reviewed and clarified, such as the application of the Law on Bidding, international treaties, agreements between Vietnam and donors; scope of international bidding for consultancy services for bidding packages; supplement regulations on Vietnamese language when bidding internationally; consistency on a number of specific contents regulating construction contracts with the Construction Law; mechanism for resolving petition in bidding…

As planned, the Law on Bidding (amended) will be submitted to the Government for comments in August 2022.

Photo source: Information Center – Ministry of Justice