Online training course on FIDIC Contracts organized by Vietnam Engineering Consultant  Association  on Conditions of Contract for EPC/Turnkey Projects (Silver Book 2017) took place in 02 days 11-12/11/2021 .

The content of the training course focused on highlighting the issues that need to be considered when applying the FIDIC contract template to be used in accordance with the current regulations of Vietnam. The training course not only focused on the general structure of the FIDIC contract templates, the principles of effective application, and the focus on the General Conditions of the Silver Book 2017, the DAAB mechanism, the guidelines of FIDIC when drafting Particular Conditions, applying BIM…but also mentioning the latest amendments and supplements of Vietnamese law on EPC and Turnkey contracts. In the course, a case study of non-compliance with a binding decision by DAB in a project in Indonesia resulted in a lawsuit and was decided by the ICC International Court of Arbitration, the Supreme Court of Singapore  helped participants better visualize the dispute settlement mechanism of construction contracts of FIDIC which is being applied in some ODA projects today.

The trainees also studied the FIDIC Guidance Memorandum of Understanding issued in April 2020 for users of FIDIC standard contract forms on considering and applying the terms of different FIDIC contract templates. when dealing with issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The study answered many questions and current dilemmas when many contractors complained at some projects affected by the epidemic.

After the course, the participants will be granted a certificate of completion of the course in Vietnamese – English issued by the Vietnam Engineering Consultant Association.